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How Real Businesses Are Making Very Real Money Using WordPress – and the Numbers to Prove It

WordPress may be free to download and use, but that hasn’t stopped the platform as a whole gobbling up global market share as WordPress-based businesses generate ever increasing – and impressive – revenue. Businesses across the world are increasingly looking to drive profits by using the power and flexibility of WordPress to explore a variety of revenue models. With WordPress ...

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How to Find, Choose and Install Beautiful Fonts on Your WordPress Website (With Examples)

Your WordPress website could have the most beautiful design imaginable, but if the fonts you choose are difficult to read, nothing else really matters. And while choosing certain fonts that bring a unique look to your text may seem like a great idea at first, it’s always best to think twice about how your choices impact readability – especially for people who prefer ...

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WordPress.org vs WordPress.com: A Definitive Guide For 2015

WordPress.org or WordPress.com? If you’re new to WordPress, it’s a common question and often one that needs a little explanation since the two get confused. In this post, we’ll compare the two and look at their pros and cons. We’ll explore: The differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com Compare each of their: Costs Freedoms and limitations Maintenance and development How to ...

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