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During a Basic Web class in 2008 participants of the class discussed a need for content, interaction and a means for receiving and sharing information quickly and effectively.  Within a few months, the first site was rolled out and provided a great resource for communicators, however, lacked one serious feature – the ability to interact.

After GoIAM.org launched 3.0 in 2009 Communications began working on the second iteration of this site and appropriately named it divPress –  uniquely named after the <div> tag identifier in web site design.  This version of divPress was making great strides and once again looked promising.  With the ability to interact, and the resources available, the end result was well received – members began to share ideas.  In late 2010 the hosting provider for divPress began limiting the number of active users and divPress was again faced with some decisions – it was more important now than ever to find a solid, equitable solution.

With an increasing need for a flexible and rock solid solution – plans for the newest and most current version of divPress began taking shape toward the end of 2011.  Finally, in late January 2012 divPress 3.0 takes off with beta testing of user account creation, interaction functionality with groups, forums, and achievement boards.  With divPress now being hosted on the GoIAM.org servers and Powered by WordPress and BuddyPress, divPress can now maintain these new capabilities not previously afforded with earlier versions.

Going Forward
Over the next several years and further improvements divPress will attempt to be a resource unmatched by any other labor organization – dedicated to constant contact and unparalleled communication between its front line communicators and communications staff at headquarters.  It will now be up to the members to make certain, future changes to divPress not only expand successfully and efficiently but truly make this site a valuable tool for communication.

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