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Sucuri Security News

Sucuri Monitoring Dashboard Update

We are happy to share some big changes to the monitoring dashboard. The Sucuri Platform features a monitoring dashboard that provides information regarding the security of your website. If you’re not familiar with the monitoring piece of our platform, it’s a cloud-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) built on the concept of a Network-Based Integrity Monitoring System (NBIMS). The monitoring platform ...

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Labs Notes Monthly Recap – Mar/2017

Every month we recap the latest posts on Sucuri Labs, written by our Malware Research Team (MRT) and Incident Response Team (IRT). Sucuri Labs provides website malware research updates directly from our teams on the front line. You can read past-monthly recaps to catch up on trends we look at every month. The theme for this month involves techniques used ...

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Malicious Image Defacement Hidden from Search Engines

After carefully designing a theme and images that represent your brand, nothing is worse than seeing a malicious image suddenly associated with your business or website. In a recent blog post, we discussed a case in which a lewd image was showing in the Google Maps Images section for one of our client’s businesses. Today we take a look at ...

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Ecommerce Security – Customer Data Breaches Using Images

Since late last year, there has been a steady rise in malware campaigns that aim to steal sensitive personal information and financial credentials. Attackers often insert pieces of malicious code in the middle of a shopping cart process, allowing them to leak credit card numbers, billing addresses,  and identification numbers. The main objective is one of the most notorious in ...

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Spotting a Hidden SEO Hack: “Play One”

SEO hacks continue to plague websites as attackers abuse SERP rankings for their own gain. The time and effort spent by the website owner creating content, optimizing pages and building links is stolen by an attacker in an instant. For many years, spam injections placed inside legitimate pages have remained one of the most prevalent types of black hat SEO ...

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Testing the Impacts of Website Caching Tools

Try to remember what you ate for lunch yesterday. It took you about 3-5 seconds, right? Ok. Now recall that memory once more. Took you less than a second this time, for sure. You remembered much faster the second time around because you didn’t have to “query” that information again from your brain’s “storage”. The information was cached. The same ...

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