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Gutenberg is Coming to WordPress’ Mobile Apps, Beta Version Expected February 2019

The team working on integrating Gutenberg into WordPress’ mobile apps is making progress, but users will not have access to the new editor in the apps until early 2019. Jorge Bernal, a mobile engineer at Automattic, posted an update yesterday, highlighting current capabilities: Gutenberg Mobile [is] working inside the apps and the first post published with it, the writing flow ...

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How WordPress Has Changed People’s Lives

It’s Friday and we could probably all use a little more positivity in our lives, especially on social media. Morten Rand-Hendriksen recently asked his followers on Twitter how WordPress has changed their lives. Here are a couple of the responses that stood out to me. As a beginner web designer, who was struggling to find a job/work, WordPress opened the ...

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WordPress Accessibility Team to Host Hackathon with Deque Systems at WordCamp US 2018

WordPress’ Accessibility team will be hosting a hackathon at Contributor Day on Sunday, December 9, at WordCamp US in Nashville. The team will be joined by lead developers from Deque Systems , a widely respected accessibility firm in the industry, with the goal of setting up automated accessibility testing for WordPress core. The event has been in planning since JSconf ...

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Full Gutenberg Compatibility Coming Soon to Automattic’s Free Themes on WordPress.org, Including Storefront for WooCommerce

If your site is hosted on WordPress.com and you are trying out the new Gutenberg editor, there are currently 24 themes with full Gutenberg support available and more on the way. In response to questions about how to find Gutenberg themes on WordPress.com, Automattic’s Theme Team has given an update about the status of the .com themes, as well as ...

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How to Use User Generated Content in WordPress to Grow Your Business

Did you know that user-generated content can tremendously help you grow your business? User generated content is both relatable and authentic, that’s why it’s a big winner with millennials and Gen Z. In this article, we will show you how to easily use user-generated content in WordPress to grow your business. What is User-Generated Content? User generated content (UGC) is ...

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