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Nothing can be more frustrating than running into an issue once you leave the W3 Center (William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center). We know first hand how difficult it can be. Because of this, we offer a commitment to provide support where possible to our Communicators and Web Stewards. Also, it does help that we have some of the most talented Communicators in the entire labor movement.

divPress offers a one-stop shop to help centralize support. It is requested and appreciated that if Communicators and Web Stewards run into difficulty – they log the issue here on divPress and submit a new ticket. Sure, we love to get an email – however, submitting a ticket to divPress support system allows us to better track issues going forward. Not only that, any support issues that come up can be archived and searched – allowing us to generate FAQ’s from issues you may come across – further expanding all our learning capability.

When registering for divPress you have two option. One is for class registrations and one for support only. Some users who prefer to receive help for their site can register as support use only. This gives them full access to the FAQ and support systems.

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