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How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress

100 WPBeginner / by nyaqoob / 4 days ago

WordPress comes bundled with lots of goodies to handle images. However, for beginners some of these features are not as obvious as they should be. In this article, we will discuss some common image issues in WordPress and how to fix them.

Read this great guide for images in WordPress from our friends at WPBeginner

“How to Fix Common Image Issues in WordPress” http://feedly.com/k/1aT4db8


  1. suzanneciam2@yahoo.com

    Want to put a flyer onto my “Calendar of Events” page,already have a calendar posted on this tab but want to add a new post. So I went to new post and created my flyer with pic’s. It looked good so I hit the update button and went live and it’s not there, why? What am I doing wrong?

  2. I’d like to create the IAM logo as a favicon on my page

  3. Good Information.

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