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The IAM Communications Department carries out various week-long classes throughout the year. All of these classes are instructed at the William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD (W3) and are part of the Departmental Course Curriculum at W3.

  • Web Development
    Each year the Communications Department offers three web courses, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced WordPress. Over the last several years the instructors have opted to teach more basic and intermediate due to the course work changing. This year, 2019, will be the first Advanced WordPress offered in the last 7 years. Basic and Intermediate are the other two courses to round out the web development classes.

    • Basic Web WordPress
      The Basic WordPress course is as basic as it sounds. WordPress sites are installed on the IAM Cloud Server along with the required plugins to complete the course. The focus on the Basic WordPress course is to get users familiar with the WordPress platform. Learning how to generate articles, pages and manage their sites using the various tools at their disposal.

    • Intermediate WordPress
      The Intermediate WordPress Course is to further what the participants learned during the Basic WordPress course. In this class, participants learn how to set up a members only area, and further develop their websites with on-site assistance if needed. This class dedicates an ample amount of time to “open development” that provides an environment where participants can learn and bounce ideas off each other as well as instructors.

    • Advanced WordPress
      The Advances WordPress Course will now become an invitational. Due to the high rates of participants not being able to maintain their lodges digital presence the Advance course aims to provide deeper instruction for those who are committed. A review process will take place during the registration period for this class and official invitations will be sent to those who have been accepted. In addition, the Advanced WordPress will teach participants how to dig deeper into WordPress themes, including working directly with CSS and other changes to their site’s functionality.

  • Editors Course
    Coming soon

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