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Watsonfinds WordPress Plugin Uses IBM’s Watson to Determine Most Likely Emotional Response From Readers

One of the most difficult things about writing online is expressing tone and emotion. Emoticons and Emoji help, but what if there was a tool that uses artificial intelligence to determine the emotional response readers are most likely to have after consuming your content? That’s the idea behind Watsonfinds , a free WordPress plugin created by Alfredo Gutiérrez. Using a ...

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2017 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis Report Shows Widespread GPL License Conflicts

photo credit: 16th st – (license) Open source software usage is growing across all industries, but this year’s Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report from Black Duck shows the pervasiveness of security vulnerabilities and license compliance risks. Black Duck conducted audits on more than 1,000 commercial applications in 2016 and analyzed the anonymized data. The audits were primarily ...

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WordCamp Europe 2017 Introduces Small Business Sponsorships

WordCamp Europe 2017 organizers are counting down 50 days until the largest planned WordPress event to date. Speaker announcements continue to roll out and the recommended hotels are getting booked up at the height of tourist season. As of yesterday, more than 300 of the 500 tickets for Contributor Day have been claimed. This year organizers are experimenting with sponsor ...

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Embed Mastodon Statuses in WordPress

After the controversial changes to Twitter’s @reply feature , which no longer counts usernames towards the 140-character limit, Mastodon registrations rose sharply. Mastodon is a free, open source, decentralized network that has many similarities to Twitter. The software, named in honor of its creator’s favorite metal band, was launched in October and registered 24,000 users in the first six months. ...

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Checathlon: A Free WordPress Business Theme with Support for Easy Digital Downloads

Checathlon is new business theme on WordPress.org that was designed to seamlessly integrate with Easy Digital Downloads . The name is a combination of the words checkout and decathlon, according to its creator Sami Keijonen . Checathlon combines elegant typography with a bold, pink accent color to showcase products and services on a business or e-commerce website. The theme was ...

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