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Jetpack 5.3 Adds PHP 7.1 Compatibility, Better Control for WordAds Placement

Jetpack 5.3 was released with compatibility for PHP 7.1, a task the Jetpack team has been working on since January 2017 after they received multiple reports of failures with PHP 7.1 when opcache was enabled . This interfered with XML-RPC requests and some users reported issues managing their sites from WordPress.com and connecting to third-party apps. Downgrading to PHP 7.0 ...

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WordCamp Grand Rapids Attendees Share First Impressions of Gutenberg

While attending WordCamp Grand Rapids I had the opportunity to interview developers and business owners about their first impressions of the new Gutenberg editor. Many attendees I spoke to had not yet heard of the project but were intrigued and decided to install the plugin on a test site. A few attendees were developers who have already contributed to Gutenberg ...

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WordPress.org Now Allows Plugin Authors to Specify a Minimum PHP Version Requirement

Although WordPress core currently maintains backwards compatibility with PHP 5.2.4+, plugin and theme authors are not required to do so. When developers include features that require more recent versions of PHP, it can break sites or cause otherwise unexpected behavior. As part of a larger effort to encourage users to upgrade their PHP versions, WordPress.org now allows plugin authors to ...

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Matt Mullenweg Addresses Concerns About Gutenberg, Confirms New Editor to Ship with WordPress 5.0

Matt Mullenweg published an appeal to WordPress users over the weekend in a post titled “We Called it Gutenberg for a Reason .” In it he offers a better look at his vision for Gutenberg, which he contends will be as transformative for WordPress’ future as the first movable type printing was for Europe’s printing revolution. Mullenweg identified the new ...

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Core Team Explores Idea to Automatically Upgrade Sites Running WordPress 3.7 to 3.8

WordPress 3.7 ‘Basie’ was released on October 24, 2013 and introduced automatic updates for minor releases to the masses. Although it’s not labeled as such, WordPress 3.7 has effectively acted as a LTS version or Long-term support. Security updates and crucial bug fixes have been ported back to previous branches up to 3.7. In this week’s WordPress developer chat, Aaron ...

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Locating Restored Comments in WordPress Requires Detective Skills

Every now and then, I’ll come across a user experience in WordPress that makes me scratch my head. Earlier today, I needed to edit a comment’s details before restoring it from the Trash. However, WordPress doesn’t allow this without restoring it first. After restoring the comment, it disappeared from the trash and nothing happened. This is not the user experience ...

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