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How To Grow Your Sales Of WordPress Plugins And Themes

Selling WordPress plugins and themes has become a profession. Actually, scratch that. it’s an art. Gone are the times in which you could do it easily as a side gig, alongside a full-time job. At this point, the WordPress ecosystem just has too many options & competition in it, and there are so many “correct” […] https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/

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Gutenberg Cloud: A Cross-Platform Community Library for Custom Gutenberg Blocks

During their presentation at Drupal Europe , the Frontkom team behind the Drupal Gutenberg project announced that they are working on a block management system called Gutenberg Cloud , a collective library of blocks online. The library will offer a content repository for custom Gutenberg blocks, such as forms, a call-to-action section, product grid, or even a web component. Since ...

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Backdoor Uses Paste Site to Host Payload

Finding backdoors is one of the biggest challenges of a website security analyst, as backdoors are designed to be hidden in case the malware is found and removed. Website Backdoors A backdoor is a piece of malware that attackers leave behind to allow them access back into a website. Hackers like to inject code into different locations to increase their chances of retaining control ...

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How to Properly Move from Squarespace to WordPress

Do you want to move your Squarespace website to WordPress? Many users start their websites using different platforms. Sooner or later they discover the limitations of the platform and want to move to a better and more flexible option, like WordPress. In this article, we will show you how to properly move from Squarespace to WordPress. Why You Should Move ...

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Hybrid Core 5.0 Offers a More Modern, Modular Approach to WordPress Development

image credit: Shopify Version 5.0 of Hybrid Core, one of the longest-running WordPress theme frameworks, is now available. Justin Tadlock celebrated 10 years with his Theme Hybrid community last month and released his new Mythic starter theme into beta . Mythic was built on top of Hybrid Core and developed in tandem with version 5.0. The framework has been rewritten ...

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