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Sami Keijonen’s Foxland Themes and Plugins are Now Available for Free

WordPress theme designer and developer Sami Keijonen has made all of his theme and plugin products at Foxland available for free . Keijonen’s WordPress.org-hosted themes are active on more than 10,000 websites. During the past three years he began taking on more client work, which gave him less time for theme building and maintenance. Last month he accepted a front-end ...

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How to Exclude a Category From Your WordPress Homepage

Do you want to exclude a specific category from your website’s homepage? By default, WordPress displays posts from all categories on your homepage. In some cases, you may not want that. In this article, we will show you how to easily exclude a category from your WordPress homepage. Why Exclude a Category from WordPress Homepage? WordPress allows you to sort ...

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How Noeste IJver Uses WPMU DEV To Manage WordPress Sites With The Hub

Our tools are built for real-life WordPress freelancers, designers, developers and agencies. With +250,000 sites and networks hooked into The Hub we’re constantly looking at how our members are growing their profits with automation, optimization and web security. We run annual surveys, share our roadmap quarterly, and get feedback on our forums everyday. But it’s […] https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/

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Gutenberg 3.5.0 Released

Gutenberg 3.5.0 is available for download and polishes existing features. This release adds an edit button to embed blocks that allows users to edit the source URL. Edit URL Button on Embed Blocks The contrast has been increased for input fields and check boxes have visually more distinct states as the following video shows. More Distinct States for Check boxes ...

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25 Best WordPress Themes for Startups

Are you looking for WordPress startup themes for your site? Startups need a reliable platform for their websites, something that can scale with their growth. It this article, we have hand-picked the best WordPress themes for startups that you can use to start your business website. Building Your Startup Site With WordPress WordPress is one of the most popular website ...

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Ephox, Creators of TinyMCE, Rebrand to Tiny Technologies Inc.

Ephox, the creators of the TinyMCE editor library that’s been used by WordPress for more than 10 years, has changed its company name to Tiny Technologies Incorporated. The new name provides an at-a-glance view of what the company does and establishes a tighter relationship with its flagship product. To make it easier for you to understand who we are and ...

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