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Gutenberg Cloud Plugin for WordPress is Now in Beta

Frontkom , the team behind the Gutenberg Cloud project, has published the beta version of its WordPress plugin to the official repository. Cloud Blocks serves as a connector, allowing WordPress users to browse and install open source blocks from Gutenberg Cloud. The blocks are hosted on NPM and their assets are served from CloudFlare using unpkg.com . Gutenberg Cloud’s online ...

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WordCamp Manchester: My First Lighting Talk

This weekend just gone was WordCamp Manchester over here in the UK (yes, the real Manchester for our American following). I gave my first ever kind of talk and in truth, post talk I felt like maybe I was a bumbling idiot in front of people. We’re our own worse critic, right? So, I want to […] https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/

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Website Security Tips for Marketers

In our previous post, we have discussed why marketers should have a proactive approach to website security. Today we are going to discuss some security tips marketers can put into practice. In the simplest terms, website security means three things here at Sucuri: Protecting your website from compromises. Monitoring for issues so you can react quickly. Having a documented emergency ...

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WordPress.com and Jetpack Launch New Activity Feature for Monitoring Website Changes

WordPress.com launched a new Activity feature today, a tool for monitoring changes that occur on the site and actions initiated through the admin. It’s also available for Jetpack-enabled sites and the activity log can be viewed on WordPress.com or on the WordPress mobile apps. Activity logs the following actions and presents them in an easy-to-read timeline on WordPress.com: Published or ...

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WordPress Accessibility Team Delivers Sobering Assessment of Gutenberg: “We have to draw a line.”

photo credit: classroomcamera DSC03657 – (license) WordPress’ accessibility team has published a statement on the level of overall accessibility of Gutenberg . The team, largely a group of unpaid volunteers, collaborated on a detailed assessment that publicly challenges Gutenberg’s readiness for core in a way that no other WordPress team has done through official channels to date. After a week ...

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How To Build Custom Forminator Add-ons Using The Developer API

Forminator is an undercover superhero. On the surface, Forminator appears to be an unassuming form plugin, but if you take the time to look through the Forminator API, you’ll see that beneath those hipster glasses and vest, there is a beast waiting to be unleashed. Unlike other form plugins, Forminator’s API is not blocked off […] https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/

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