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WordCamp Tokyo 2018: Highlights, Recaps, Aftermovie, and More

WordCamp Tokyo 2018 was held two weeks ago on September 14-15 and recordings of the sessions should be published to WordPress.tv soon. The theme of the WordCamp was “Challenge!”, a celebration of the challenges the WordPress project has overcome over the past 15 years, as well as a rallying call for embracing the challenges introduced by the new Gutenberg editor. ...

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PCI for SMB: Requirement 7 & 8 – Implement Strong Access Control Measures

This is the fifth post in a series of articles on understanding the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – PCI DSS. We are halfway there! In the previous articles about PCI, we covered the following: Requirement 1: Build and Maintain a Secure Network – Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data. Requirement 2: Build and Maintain ...

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WordPress Theme Developers Begin Marketing Themes as Gutenberg Compatible

WordPress theme developers are starting to advertise their themes as being compatible with Gutenberg, ahead of the new editor’s imminent merge into core. Work on the 5.0 release may be ramping up sooner than expected after yesterday’s announcement that 4.9.9 may be a quick release for PHP 7.3 compatibility or possibly cancelled altogether. Themeforest, the largest marketplace for commercial WordPress ...

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How to Create WordPress Backup Using JetPack (formerly VaultPress)

Do you want to create WordPress backup using JetPack (formerly VaultPress). VaultPress help you create automatic real-time WordPress backups and store them in the cloud. In case of a mishap, you can easily restore your WordPress website with just a few clicks. In this article, we will show you how to easily create real-time WordPress backup using JetPack (formerly VaultPress). ...

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Gutenberg 4.0 RC 1 Will Be Available in A Few Days

Matias Ventura, Gutenberg’s technical lead, published an update on the progress of Gutenberg 4.0 and what users can expect. This version will mark the project’s 40th release. Ventura outlined a number of tasks that have been completed up to this point. These include, Full Screen, Unified Toolbar, and Spotlight modes to adapt to a user’s creative preferences, adaptive design, and ...

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WordPress 4.9.9 Release May Shift Focus to PHP 7.3 Compatibility, Gutenberg Merge Proposal Timeline TBD

The plans for WordPress 4.9.9 are currently in limbo after today’s core developers’ chat. Here’s what we know right now: Discussions are underway regarding making it a quick PHP 7.3 compatibility release or cancelling it in favor of moving ahead with the 5.0 release cycle. “Progress and communication on 4.9.9 has been very vague as of late, and I apologize ...

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