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How to Add Custom Post Status for Blog Posts in WordPress

Do you want to add a custom post status for your blog posts in WordPress? Post status is an editorial tool that allows you to organize your articles based on their respective stages during the editorial workflow. In this article, we will show you how to easily add custom post status to blog posts in WordPress. What is Post Status ...

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18 Plugins To Customize the Header And Footer Of Your Site

The header of your site is the first thing that your visitors see, so it’s important to create a good impression. An eye-catching header will encourage people to explore further. Most website headers will include a combination of some of the following: Site title, site description and/or logo Navigation Social media icons Hero images In […] https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/

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A Gutenberg Migration Guide for Developers

In order to help developers learn how to migrate from the classic editor to Gutenberg, Daniel Bachhuber has launched a Gutenberg Migration Guide . Bachhuber is seeking the community’s help in identifying and filling a database to document all of the ways the classic editor can be customized. Take a look through the Gutenberg Migration Guide . For each action, ...

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Is That WordPress Plugin Safe? 15 Warning Signs to Skip Downloading

Even the smallest and simplest of WordPress websites needs plugins. Akismet is a must if the site has a blog. A security plugin like Defender is non-negotiable. And a solid contact form is needed if you intend on collecting leads. For the most part, though, we know that these commonly used and referenced WordPress plugins […] https://premium.wpmudev.org/blog/

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7 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins and Themes

Are you looking for the best WordPress job board plugin? There are several WordPress job board plugins that you can use to easily create a job board and charge other companies to post jobs. It is one of the ways to make money from your blog , and you can even use it to post your own job openings. In ...

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Analysis of a Malicious Blackhat SEO Script

An enormous number of SEO spam infections are handled by us here at Sucuri. In our most recent hacked website trend report, we analyzed over 34,000+ websites and identified that 44% of all website infection cases were misused for SEO spam campaigns. Once a website has been compromised, attackers often use it to distribute malware, host phishing content, send spam ...

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